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Offering high expertise in all of your plumbing needs

Welcome to Plimcor

Plimcor is a service plumbing contractor that delivers expert work to Winnipeg for the last decade. Our commitment with your project is number one priority. Throughout the years we have earned a reputation for being fast, efficient and within budget. We are locally owned, our costumers are friends and neighbors who have seen what we can do, they rely and trust on us to get their plumbing issues resolved as fast as possible and again, within budget. So, next time you need a new hot water heather, replace the sump pump, replace or fix your furnace, add or replaced any type of pipe at your house or business call PLIMCOR, we are here to serve you.

Water Heaters 

Repair & Installations

Is your water heater leaking or won’t stay lit? Call us today for fast service! Calling Plimcor for service sooner rather than later can save you time and money on water heater services.


Installation & Repair

At Plimcor we inform you on what is necessary for proper drainage if you have issues and install new drains when necessary, as part of the solution.

Plumbing Fixture

Repair & Replacement

We offer a full range of plumbing fixture repair and replacement services. Whether you need to repair a leaking toilet or bath valves, we offer  our commitment to quality work.

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Plimcor will come to your home or business to assess the issue and explain in detail on how to resolve it. We offer up front pricing so you know what the cost is before we start work.

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We accept readily any
plumbing task

No job is too

big or small!

Residential & Commercial Projects

Our qualified plumbing technicians can fix all types of plumbing problems, both residential and commercial. No job is too small, from a leaky faucet to broken water heaters and complete plumbing remodels .

Advice from a Pro
Henry himself

Cold Weather Freezes

Plumbing Vents

Leaving Homeowners & with smelly situation

Henry Marquez, the owner of Plimcor Plumbing, said before calling a pro, try warming up the pipe. "It's mostly fixed by adding more heat," he said. "When people call me, I say, 'just throw a heater there and see if it thaws by itself. If not, just call me back.'"

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Commercial Plumbing Services

Offering You The Premier Choice Of Expert Commercial Plumbers in Winnipeg

Whether you own a retail outlet, office block or manage the amenities of a school, library or other facilities, Plimcor offers local commercial plumbing services provided by expert plumbers in Winnipeg.

We have been servicing the plumbing of businesses and facilities in Winnipeg and surrounding areas for over ten years! In this time, we have gained vital experience and have had the opportunity to build up a trustworthy and reliable reputation.

We are committed to providing excellent service at an affordable price, and always being responsive to our valued customer’s plumbing needs.

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Our Commercial Plumbing Services

At Plimcor, we offer you a complete range of professional commercial plumbing services. Whatever plumbing services you need for your commercial property, our plumbers in Winnipeg can tend to them.

Our commercial plumbing services include:

  • Water Heaters- Repair And Installation

Is your water heater leaking or making strange noises? Repair your water heater today by calling Plimcor and allowing one of our plumbers to take care of the job for you. We can also install a brand new water heater for your commercial facility.

  • Drainage- Cleaning And Repair

Repairing and cleaning clogged drains is what Plimcor does best. Our commercial plumbers are capable of cleaning and removing nasty clogs, as well as installing new gutters if the situation calls for it.

  • Plumbing Fixtures- Repair And Replacement

Plumbing fixtures often need replacing and repair after too much wear and tear. Our plumbers in Winnipeg can offer you comprehensive repair and replacement of the plumbing fixtures you may have at your commercial property.

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for Emergency Repairs

Emergency Plumbing & Heating Services

Our fast response policy assures that the urgent emergencies plumbing problems cause are dealt with in a timely manner, anytime, day or night. For a Emergency repairs

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At Plimcor we know the importance of keeping your home warm and we also know thatEvery home may have a different heating system , your house or workplace could beRunning on:Hydronics SystemSteam SystemInfloor HeatingForced air.Whatever system your place is running on, At Plimcor we know that the transfer ofHeat energy is fundamental and we have thorough knowledge of how heat is transferredAnd the effects of heat transfer, and that set us apart from the competitors if, aTechnician don’t understand this simple concept it would be impossibleTo troubleshoot a heating problem and that lead your heating problem to aVery expensive repair. At Plimcor we are readily available to discuss your heating needs and advise youTo go with the best possible solution.Keep in mind that heat always travel from the warmer body to the cooler one.In the winter keeping our houses warm is a constant battle as heat is transferred throughThe walls and lost to the outdoors.The opposite happens in the heat of the summer as we attempt to prevent the high heatOutside coming in to our homes since we have no control of the outside temperature.Call Plimcor now for advice on heating Systems.

Backflow by definition it is the flowing back or reversal of the normal direction of the flow, allowing wastes to enter a building through the drainage system. To prevent this situation we at Plimcor will install a device in your property that prevents backflow and lets fluid flow in the normal direction of flow when the drains are clear and there is no danger of backup. What does it cause bacflow? Unusual heavy rainstorms, overloaded public sewers,partially blocked public sewers.What are the consequences of the above situations? damage to buildings and drains, damage to building contents, unsanitary conditions in the basements of building, health hazard, .repairs can cost thousands of dollars. At Plimcor plumbing & Heating we make sure that your property has the best protection there is by selecting the right device for the application since every single case is different, whether is installed in the building drain or branch, call now to get the best advise. Backwater valves should be of corrosion-resistant and must be seal from leaks; they should be installed in an accessible location and must be provided with an access frame and cover when installed below concrete floor. Various configurations of backwater valves are manufactured and these are both normally open and normally closed. Call Plimcor now for more details. For more information about backwater prevention click here:

For most homeowners, renovating starts out as a fun project, involving design choices and décor. With plumbing renovation, you get to pick out new fixtures for your kitchen and/or bathroom that flow with your new countertops, cabinets, lighting, and other design choices. However, when the parts start to arrive and it’s time for installation, things can quickly go south without the proper professional plumbing company to assist you.

Installing tankless water heaters begins with removing the traditional water heater tank and replacing it with an electric or gas heating unit to heat water directly. Also known as ‘on-demand’ water heaters, tankless water heaters heat only the water needed as it travels through the heating unit to the tap for immediate use. Any time you aren’t using hot water, no energy is wasted on heating it. On average, homeowners can save up to 35% of heating costs with a correctly installed tankless water heater. At Hub Plumbing & Mechanical, we can give you an endless supply of hot water when you need it while saving you money and helping you conserve water and energy.

Installing a tankless water heater can save Winnipeg homeowners a great deal of time and money on repairs because, when properly maintained, tankless water heaters can last for up to twenty years with only a few parts wearing out and needing replacement. If you find your water isn’t heating properly, contact us  today for tankless water heater repairs on most major brands.


Servicing the community for over 22 years

Established in 1999, Plimcor Plumbing & Heating serves Winnipeg area with expert plumbing and heating service including, permits, remodels, pipe repairs, and boilers. Our top-notch plumbers are hand-picked and trained in-house to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction available.

What my Clients Have to Say

Plimcor has services every type of customer from small home improvement jobs to large industrial projects. Read more about Henry and his work.