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Established in 1999, Plimcor Plumbing & Heating serves Winnipeg area with expert plumbing and heating service including, permits, remodels, pipe repairs, and boilers. Our top-notch plumbers are hand-picked and trained in-house to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction available.

Plimcor plumbing and heating is also available to consult with Professional Engineers and registered architects to determine the most advantageous process to getting the job done.


Journeyman Plumber


Journeyman Pipe Fitter


Gas Fitter


Contractor licensed by the city of Winnipeg


Henry Marquez ~ Founder & Operator


Henry Marquez is a Canadian Journeyman Plumber and gas fitter Having been in the trade his whole life! Henry takes a direct, ‘hands-on’ approach to his work and his crew, with customer satisfaction and professionalism at the forefront at all times. Henry is bi-lingual in Spanish and English, has traveled extensively in South America, and loves good soccer games. Henry lives in Winnipeg, MB and will be here to service all his customers with 100% satisfaction.


Because we believe in honesty and integrity and want to offer a better experience than many Winnipeg  residents have had with plumbers in the past, Plimcor Plumbing and Heating will answer all your questions up front.

Plimcor  at Winnipeg also offers up front pricing to all customers so you know what the cost is before we start work. Our fast response policy assures that the urgent emergencies plumbing problems cause are dealt with in a timely manner, anytime, day or night.